Hydrostatic Testing

The Hydrostatic Test equipment used is from Honeywell / Total Fire Inc.

Each item (Coat/Pants) is tested on at least 6 areas. These are areas of normal wear and stress on the

barrier, such as shoulders, underarm, and crotch.

If any area fails, the vapor barrier for that item is considered to have “FAILED” and is in need of repair or replacement.

Our technician will set up the barrier for testing after the visual exam. If the item does not have a port to facilitate the test, one will be opened and re-sewn after testing.

The item is fed onto the arm of the tester.

Locked in place and one (1) psi is applied to the test area.

NO leaks, seeping or weeping is allowed for a “Passed” status.

The 1 psi is held on the test area for 20 seconds.

Documentation of the “PASS/FAIL” will be recorded on the inspection paperwork generated during the visit.

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